Seven and the Promise


“You reap what you sow.” “What goes around, comes around.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “What you give to the Universe comes back to you threefold.” It is ancient wisdom and old magic, often said.

Most times these adages are cautionary. They warn us that if we put out ill will, those unpleasant roosters will always come home to roost. You teach people how to treat you. If you are mean to them, they’ll be mean to you right back. Even movies like “Roadhouse” get it with Dalton’s speech about how nightclub bouncers should be nice, even as they enforce rules on not-nice people.

But that idea of starting out nice, even if you are a bar bouncer, is key to the flip side of the “reap what you sow” adages. It is a threat that bad things you do will come back to you, but it is threat that carries a promise. If bad stuff comes back to you, then you can be assured so will the good. You reap what you sow…if you plant tomatoes and peppers, you get tomatoes and peppers. That doesn’t help you much if you are want corn…but you can still make some salsa. Whatever you plant, if you do your part to make things happen (weed, water etc) then the promise is there will be a harvest to one extent or another. There are droughts and blights and all sorts of things totally beyond our control that can ruin a real life farming harvest…but there are lots of things beyond our control in life too, so the analogy still applies. Whatever you plant, you get the same thing back. Whatever you plant, you WILL GET something back. There is a promise of a harvest and a good way to tell what it will be.

I say these adages are old magic, because they speak to a deep connection between us and the universe at large. When we are able to step into that flow and be a part of those natrual processes, life can unfold in a way that seems like magic, and it is.

This card, these ideas reassure us that we can be a part of life and trust it…we can plant with a trust that there will indeed be a harvest. We can send out good knowing that if not personal reward (thinking of that is akin to seeding selfishness and egoism) then at least the world has a better energy and is a better place…a better place for you to to be as well.

The seven of coins has a big message today: Sow wisely, harvest happily, trust the universe and be in its flow.


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