Q&A: Why is that?

Q: I was just reading over the notes from that last reading we did. Nothing you said would happen has happened. Why is that?

A: The reason is simple, and I’ve been saying it over and over since we first met: Tarot CAN NOT predict the future. Never could. Never will. I never once said it would. We didn’t say anything about what would happen. We talked about your choices about the _____, and how best to help ______, and strategies for creating lighter more positive energies in your new apartment. Nothing at all about “what would happen”

Tarot is about understanding the energies of the time when the reading was done and making choices that might best navigate those energy flows.
If you want someone to predict the future, and tell you exactly what will and will not happen, then I’m not the right Tarot reader for you. If you want to talk about advice, spirit guides, or making choices again….then feel free to contact me for a reading any time.
Maya Angelo has been famously quoted as saying “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”
So do you believe me yet? I’m not kidding!
I really don’t believe predictions are possible on any practical level (you know what they say about lots of monkeys with typewriters…eventually one of them will accidentally type Hamlet). Even if it were possible for one person to predict another person’s future, I don’t think for a minute it would be beneficial.
I really, honestly believe there is nothing magical or mysterious or deistic or divine about all this. We all evolved in this normal, natural brew of energies and dimensions, space and time. We all evolved with some degree of intuitive sensitivity. It makes sense to me that good intuition would be a survival advantage in a pre-historic world without technology.
Some of us might be able to see the subtle energy parts of normal nature a little easier and better than others…just like some people naturally have better distance eyesight than others. So I’ll tell you the subtle, spiritual things I see if you tell Psychic McNearsighted the score at the baseball game. Fair enough? I want the work that I do to show you how psychic and oracle work is all about probabilities, energies, choices, personal development, and navigating a human lifetime in an emotionally satisfying way.
So when I say I’m not predicting the future for you…believe it! If I say that Tarot can help difficult emotions, understanding difficult situations, making choices, out of the box problem solving…I hope you’ll believe that too.
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