Q&A: What do I need to do to get a job?

Q: I’m single and need to support myself. My kids are grown but I still need to find work. I am currently looking for work but not having any offers or interviews. Do you see me getting a job soon?  What should I be doing to get the job i need?

A: Of course you KNOW I can’t tell if you’ll get a job soon. Tarot does lots of terrific things, but predicting the exact future isn’t one of them.

For some reason I’ve gotten almost your exact question from several people lately, and the same energy & answer keeps coming through each time. It is unusual to keep getting the same question and the same intuitive answer in rapid fire like this, so my best guess it that it is an important message for a lot of people trying to get through.

I love doing Tarot readings and wish I could just pick up a deck and answer this. But hard reality is there are some things Tarot just can’t help. This is one of them.

Every bit of me is saying this needs your logic and action, not my intuition.

The job market is different than it used to be, and age discrimination is a real thing. I can’t tell you how to get a job. Have you talked to a job professional? Does the unemployment office have anyone or can they put you in touch with someone who can help you polish your resume and interview skills. The only intuitive thing I have to offer is a mental flash on a TV commercial where a job applicant sends their resume via singing telegram. I’m not saying hire an elf to go to HR in your field, but it may take some what seems like “out of the box” thinking…but Tarot is too out of the box. My intuition is screaming to “get real world help” for this, just like with the others who sent a question like this. If there are any Tarot cards that would apply here it’d be things like the 3 of coins (teamwork) or the King of Cups (advice, guidance, mentoring).

That being said, my mind goes back to the tv ad…and the word “Adapt”. Part of that ‘out of the box’ feeling might be referring to your personal box, not job market expectations. You may need to widen or change what you want, expect or are willing to accept in a job in order to get a foot back in the door.

There is no predicting what will happen, but if you haven’t already, getting that kind of professional development and help might be the way to put things on the best possible path forward.

Good luck!


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