Just Fences


“Good fences make good neighbors” as the old adage goes. Literal fences and boundary lines can get contentious, but emotional boundary lines are, in the end, compassionate.

Facing hard realities is a difficult wisdom to find and enact, but necessary. It takes time to learn, so be kind to yourself as you feel and find where your boundaries are whether you are a seer or a sitter. That’s the beginning. Once you know where your limits are, then you can change them. My favorite way to understand that idea come from “The Right Stuff” where the test pilots “push the edge of the envelope and haul it back in again.”

It takes a little raw courage to push through the boundaries. It takes a little time outside of your comfort zone to really know, and, most importantly, communicate what your boundaries really are. It brings to mind the Chariot card as well. Awareness is critical to finding and enforcing appropriate boundaries.

In short, “Know Thyself”

Then, tell thyself to the world. If we are clear about who we are as Tarot Readers, we can work with confidence. Mojo shows. That self-knowledge shines with a light that that will bring the right clients to you. And give clients the opportunity to find the right reader for them without a lot of frustration, trial and error.

It is fair and just. Fences just keep stuff out, fences just keep stuff in. The real trick is putting the fence in the right place to protects your confidence, protects the quality of the readings for the people who do match well with you, and  protects the ones who don’t resonate with you from missing a chance at getting their best possible reading.

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