A Stanley Cup of jello

Congratulations Penguins!

I am loving this.

Not only have our beloved Penguins won the Cup, the whole thing has proven my point …or point of view anyway…better than anything I could have imagined.

You Can’t Predict the Future

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

I did an yucks-and-giggles yes/no reading that tragically predicted the Penguins wouldn’t win (Wrong! As far as I’m concerned, we get every Stanley Cup from now to forever.) So from a flat-earth, tell me what will happen point of view, the reading was a totally fail. Thankfully.

Tarot is Bigger Than That

If you look at the yes-no reading from the advice and guidance perspective that, I believe, Tarot is really all about, then the reading actually had a lot of value. Instead of a “no” prediction, look at it from a gestalt perspective, as you might in a pathway reading. The Lovers card from ‘understanding the past’ would speak to the obvious…they’ve all wanted the cup for a long time. I would guess it is part of what drove them to the profession. The Strength card is obviously twofold. First, obviously is their training and skill.  Second is about their character. The Pens are such a part of the city, and the organization such a part of community service…I’m sure a lot could be written about that alone. On ice discipline is a better example for how Tarot works. It is all about choice and decision, advice and guidance. The advice from the card is to act with integrity. When Thornton and Crosby tried to occupy the same piece of ice at the same time, and Crosby lost his helmet, it wouldn’t be surprising for punches to fly…it’s hockey, it’s happened before. BUT in the decision to skate away, Crosby added to the thousands upon thousands of decisions that influenced the course of events. Ace of Coins was moving forward…not a prediction but rather a reassurance, a hope…if they act with skill, effort, heart and integrity they will be on a path to greatness.

EVERY prediction is 100% accurate.

That’s where the Stanley Cup and gelatin collide. In “Accurate Predictions and a Big Bowl of Jello” we imagined all of time and space as a big cube of jello. Our lives are like pin-points moving through that time-space cube. If you look at the reading from the superficial prediction point of view, you could understand the ‘fail’ as simply dialing into the wrong point on the journey. The reading dialed into the end of game 5 instead with the large let-down energy of the huge hometown crowed hoping for an at-home win. Right “prediction” wrong point in the jello cube. Then there is that whole idea of multiple universes where any possible outcome co-exists with any other possible outcome. And anything is possible, just varying degrees of improbably in any give space-time universe, let’s say. So the “no” to the Stanley Cup is 100% accurate…for another timeline or another place in the multiverse…just, happily, not ours. (woo hoo!)

Very wibbly-wobbly Delorian Mr. Fusion kind of stuff isn’t it? Cool and fun, but not exactly accurate in the old fashioned sense of the word

So Why Bother?

Why even do yes/no readings? Contrast and teaching, that’s why. DOing the yes/no reading is a good way to compare and contrast the silly superficial view of “accurate predictions” to the guidance and choice approach, like we see here. Yes/no readings are a bridge of understanding…it isn’t an end-all, be-all prediction, but a way to get from a definitive question to the higher guidance that is really needed. If a question looms so large you can’t see around it, then a yes/no reading might help make the transition from old thinking to new…help us move from old-school predictions into a more effective, more modern oracle.

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