Wide Open for Business

In-person, party and phone appointments are booked until July 6, BUT e-mail readings are wide open for business, no appointment needed!

Are E-Mail readings as good as in-person?

Why yes – yes they are!


There are lots of reasons why E-mail is a great choice…

  • Intuition isn’t bound by time and space in the first place. The mental images, sounds, ideas and impressions that intuition brings all come the same no matter whether you are across the table or across 12 time zones. I’ve done that, by the way. I’ve read for people on the exact opposite side of the planet with no problems.
  • I’ve been typing for 35 years. It makes NO difference to me whether I SAY the words or TYPE them…the words I use are all exactly the same either way.
  • Because Mulititasking. I can fit email sessions into the rest of my day without having to adjust anything or allow for travel time. That allows me to do e-mail readings any time, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED.
  • The more comfortable your psychic is, the better reading they can do for you. I’m a writer. A keyboard is a direct express hotline to my  intuition. I’m REAL comfortable with doing e-mail readings and love the convenience they provide for BOTH of us!
  • Flat rates, lots of choices. All e-mail readings are a flat $5 per card, with lots of layouts available. Choose from 1 to 7 cards (see list on order form)
  • Re-reading is free. You can re-visit the session any time you want to gain more insight and watch things unfold. Bonus! Extra value bargain!
  • It is utterly private. As far as the rest of the world knows, you are just reading your email. No travel. No one sees you ‘going to the psychic’. Like the Oracle in the movie The Matrix…”what has been said is for you and you alone”

Want to see what an email reading actually looks like? Click the tab “example readings” at the top of the page for a list of available examples to read.

Want a reading and want it now? E-mail is the answer.


Still like the personal interaction of a live in-person or phone reading? No problem! I say the same thing either way, remember? The only difference is:

  • In-person and phone sessions require an appointment, 24 hours or more in advance.
  • 7 cards for $40 is the only kind of session available in-person. Phone may choose between five card or seven card readings.
  • Cash in exact change preferred for live sessions.
  • Payment in advance is required for phone sessions.
  • Party Tarot is available with advance appointment too…click here for details
  • modernoracletarot@gmail.com or 4122069171 to schedule