Happy July!

Happy July Everyone!

Summer is screaming by fast as ever. Just got back from short trips to WV (to check in on mom) and Niagra Falls (surprise for the padawan’s birthday). In-person and party appointments re-open after the July 4th holiday here in the U.S. (Happy Canaday Day too!)

Decided to get back to pulling the card of the month (separate from the Patron-only monthly reading)

For July:


The 10 of Coins is associated with all sorts of good things: wealth, happiness, home, legacy. Combine that with the bright, yang, “hurry up and have fun” energy that peak summer in July brings (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere…I can only speak to this half of the world when it comes to season energy) and my sense is basically

Go do something fabulous!

What “fabulous” means is going to be different for everyone. For some it might be a deeply indulgent spa-day kind of treat, having a me-day sipping lemonade and reading a book under a shade tree. For others it might be full throttle vacation and adventure, roller coasters and all. This is a time for ticking something off the bucket list that will leave an impression for the rest of the year…or at least make a happy memory that is a legacy to yourself. If you are more outward minded, then maybe this is your summer to, as Steve Jobs put it, put a ding in the universe and make your mark, create something good that will be a legacy remembered by others. What ever “fabulous” means to you, July energies are water-sliding toward it. Enjoy.


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