ICYMI: free e-book, discount readings

  • To celebrate my one year deck-aversary with my Black Cat Tarot cards (my favorite for doing yes/no readings) all yes/no readings are $2 off – just $3 per question until 7/31/16
  • Anyone who buys a 7 card reading by e-mail between now and 7/16/16 will get a FREE digital copy of #PeaceTarot (my how-to booklet that teaches you to do DIY one card meditation Tarot readings) PLUS proceeds from at least the first reading will go toward the Umi Hashi Kickstarter project…they take ocean plastic and use it to make beautiful, unique, food safe chopsticks. This not only preserves the wood that would have otherwise been used to make chopsticks, it removes plastic from the ocean and our food (sushi!) supply. If I sell enough readings, I can pledge at a higher level than I can afford on my own. Help me help them help the ocean and get a free e-book in the process!
  • We are “staycationing” this year, so summer hours will change very little. In-person/phone/party appointments will be limited at times, but e-mail readings are still 24/7 no appointment needed!