Q&A: Ace of Cups, Lovers, and Love Life

Q: I asked about What To expect the net [sic] semester in my love life,got ace of cups and the lovers, I like to pull a third Card when doing this kind of reading, and I got the hermit… so now i”M very confused.

A: Hi L.

I can see where this is a challenging reading. Let’s start by taking some unnecessary pressure off of you. Since Tarot doesn’t predict the future, adding a specific time-frame to a question can really muddle things. Right off the bat, let’s take out the “next semester” part of the question, and look at this as more a question of “what do I need to know about my love life”…in general, as things are now. I always get a clearer message when I think in terms of “how do I get where I want to go” instead of “what to expect” or “what will happen”.

Also, like it said in the post you’ve already read about the Lovers and Ace of Cups card position meanings matter in a good reading. Before you even shuffle the cards, always have a clear idea about what card spread you are using and what each position symbolizes…even if you are just drawing a one card meditation like the ones PeaceTarot teaches. Without knowing your intentions about the layout, it is hard to clarify these particular cards for you.

It’s fairly safe to say, that with two of the three cards being major arcana, you are on a path that can take you to shifts, changes and life lessons about romance.

Also keep in mind that the Lovers card isn’t a romance card…it isn’t about love – think lust. It is about desire, not connection and commitment (that’s the 2 of cups). It isn’t just about romantic relationships, it is about any desire…career, education…anything.

Expectations are toxic to intuition. If cards are confusing about a specific topic or time frame, it often helps to widen your view. What OTHER topics are trying to get through to you? Tarot is about kicking the blinders off, especially when we don’t even realize they are there. What are you not seeing that the reading is trying to help you see? The hermit card hints that introspection, looking within, inner learning are key now…this is more about you, your goals, and your desires than something about outward connections or involving other people. So taking a look at your cards from a general life perspective instead of a romance emphasis could clear things up for you.

Try going back to your cards…pull the lovers, ace of cups and hermit out of the deck, lay them out the way you had them originally, stare at them for a bit and see what comes to mind, BUT this time don’t put a time frame one the reading AND be clear about what each card position means AND open up the view from just romance alone. All of those things combined should make for a different and much less confusing reading experience for you.

Reading the free behind the scenes ebook  “Modern Oracle: Hello” might help give you some more ideas about the mechanics of getting the clearest possible reading. Also using the how-to steps in “PeaceTarot” will put some polish on the reading for you. That’s why I wrote the thing – to help people do the best DIY readings possible, starting with a one card daily meditation.

If all of that still leaves you confused, I’d be happy to do a three card reading with you. We’ll draw fresh cards and take a new look that might clear things up for you. E-mail is only $15 for three cards and available anytime 24/7 no appointment needed. HERE are the details about how to order one.