People, Not Paper


Once again, I’ve been asked if Tarot cards are evil, or demonic.

I still think the answer is NO.

Hell and demons are a religious construct. Very religious people will give you a different answer, but as I see it, religion and spirituality are totally opposite things (Related: Ghost of Zombie Cat) I believe that Tarot is about spirituality and psychology with religion (sin/hell/demons) having no part in the process. Tarot cards are no more and no less than a tool to help us understand our emotions, stresses, and decisions on a spiritual, subtle-energy level. There is nothing paranormal or evil about that. Working with Tarot cards is no more demonic than talking to a counselor or a minister would be.

Are Tarot cards demonic? No. Can frightening things happen? Yes. If hate, anger, fear, and violence exist in the three dimensional physical realm, what is to stop such things from existing at other levels? Even so, it has more to do with the people involved than with the scraps of paper on the table.

In fact, there is a Tarot card for just this kind of question. The Devil card reminds us that yes, fear, anger, hate and violence all do exist in the world.  Just like there are common sense things you can do in the real world to stay as safe as you can, there are common sense things you can do in the psychic/intuitive world to have the best experience that you can.

Here is a very powerful image from my friend and mentor, psychic Joy Star:

Think of a house at night. Imagine the house filled with cheery lights and a cozy fire in the fireplace. If you open the front  door what happens? Does the outer dark come rushing in and extinguish the light, or does the light pour out of the open door and illuminate the dark? Literally, what would actually happen in that situation? This example is about how light actually works…not some imaginary horror movie.  Tarot has that same kind of foundation in reality. In real life, light works in certain ways. In real life, intuition works in certain ways. Photons radiate outward, and subtle energy revolves around set intentions.

This isn’t saying that the dark doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean that houses can’t lose power or that disasters don’t happen to people who “think positive” all the time. Of course bad stuff happens on both overt and subtle levels. But good stuff happen too. If you turn on the light before opening the door then you can look out and see and learn without the darkness coming in. Fear and superstition turns your lights out. When you are afraid or angry, then dark meets dark at the door.

Actually,  Tarot cards are way worse than demonic.

They are mirrors. Tarot cards aren’t inherently good or evil. Instead they have a way of showing you what is on the inside of you. Choose fear, see fear. That isn’t to blame people for their misfortunes. Sometimes we all get in over our head, and sometimes we all need help. But here, again, it is the people involved not the physical cards . It is the fear and negative energy that needs helped, not the card deck.

Neither does this blame anyone for having a negative, harmful, frightening paranormal experience. But that operates a the person-level and needs person-level help (spiritualist, medium etc.) It’s the people, not the paper. When it comes to the cards, common sense rules. If you are genuinely worried or afraid of Tarot (Ouija, whatever) then honor that feeling. That fear is your intuition telling you something important. If you feel you shouldn’t be using Tarot…don’t. If your religious beliefs are in conflict with Tarot readings, then simply find your guidance another way. If you have a bad experience, then assume your power and responsibility, focus on  you, and your safety and happiness. Don’t blame the cards. Don’t energize the fear by giving scraps of cardboard some sort of magical power they actually don’t have.



Evil is real. But so is Love. Both exist, and neither have anything to do with pieces of paper. Choose love, see love. Choose courage and compassion, and see something beautiful. Choose people over paper.

Suggested Reading: “Psychic Protection” by Ted Andrews, Dragonhawk Publishing available on