10 Cups of Nothing

Q: I drew a card just for general guidance, just to see if I’m on the right path. Your meaning from PeaceTarot doesn’t seem to  fit anything, and the blog post about remembering to play doesn’t feel right either (it’s actually a pretty relaxed day today – that’s why I had time to draw cards in the first place). I drew another card to get a better idea, and the 10 of Cups didn’t help. Any ideas? I got nothin’.

A: Oh boy do I know THAT feeling! If it’s any consolation, at least it happened when you were reading for yourself, instead of reading for someone else. We’ve all had those “I got nothin'” moments.

It’s always easier when it’s not you. Two heads really are better than one, so bringing in other eyes or other references is the thing to do. Well done!

To start, let’s look at your question. You said it was one of those touch point “right direction” kind of readings. Maybe the radio silence from your intuition/spirit/spirit guide(s) is an answer in and of itself. Maybe noting is said because nothing needs said. One of the most fascinating thing about intuition is how self-regulating it is. I’ve learned to trust that process over the years…it happens time and time again. It is the same thing we are taught/experience in Reiki…the energy and the body’s innate intelligence makes a self-regulating system. Only the energy needed is used, in the amount needed, directed to the place/application needed.

The same is true in Tarot. Information flows at an etheric, subtle energy level…and it too is self-regulating. I trust that as a reader, but I always feel on the hot-seat when it comes up at a party where we are working gallery-style or going around one big table. People get big advice then all of sudden, blip!…it switches to “nothing to see here. It’s all good. End transmission” In those cases, no news really is good news. Maybe that’s the message for you too. Intuition isn’t saying anything because there isn’t anything to say. Think of it in terms of a person…who would you take the most seriously…a person who chatters about any little thing all the time or a person who says little unless it is big and important? Intuition is like that. It only speaks when it is needed. That way the images and impressions can stand out from the background noise of day to day living.

So for that reason, it pays not to force a reading into being something super-spiritual, profound or moving or emotional when it simply isn’t. Sometimes things are easy, mundane, and “everyday”…like Freud famously said “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Another strategy to help with the “I got nothin’ ” reading is to use it as an excuse to browse your Tarot library. Ideas can come from anywhere…from the “Little White Booklet”  that came with your deck, to blog archives, to reference books and anywhere in between. If contemporary writing doesn’t seem to get it, then try an older resource like the classic “Pictorial Guide to the Tarot” by Waite or vice versa.

This is a good example…more modern spins like the ones you mention don’t seem to fit, so let’s go a little more classical with your cards…

The Fool can also mean beginnings. It is the first card of the Tarot deck and can symbolize the beginning of a journey. Ten of cups is stability, happiness, security, “roots”. Put it it all together: low-key message of beginning of a time of stability.

In other words: relax and enjoy this good time while it lasts.

Happy Weekend!