Here We Go Again…Again

Hi Everyone!

Sorry to go radio silent suddenly for a few days. The maternal unit was hospitalized again so I’m writing to you from Haunted (see “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” on Destination America channel. It was filmed in the Eastern Panhandle of the state, the region where I grew up) and “Squatchy” (see “Finding Bigfoot” from Animal Planet channel, Canaan Valley WV episode…filmed near the town where I was born) WV. Or as I prefer to call it…Tatooine. It was 85 degrees this afternoon, and so humid the heat index was 101. Just like in high school, just like Luke Skywalker, I’m still convinced that if there is a bright and shining center to the universe, this is the [place] it’s farthest from. Like Dave Barry says…I am not making this up.

But long story short…in person sessions, parties and phone readings are going to be very limited for the rest of August while I tend to some family stuff. It isn’t a complete closure, just a cut-back in live appointment times. BUT…

Email is still available – no appointment required. Thanks to the world wide web being, well, world wide (even here in haunted and squatchy wv) I can do e-mail readings for you, no problem. Intuition is everywhere too…so it doesn’t matter where you are, or where I am…the intuition works exactly the same as when I’m sitting at the same table with you. Time and space are not an obstacle to spirit and intuition. It doesn’t matter if  I type the words or say them. It doesn’t matter if our conversation unfolds over minutes in-person or over days through e-mail. It doesn’t matter if we are on opposite ends of the Earth…intuition, spirit, love and healing transcends it all.

Trust me.

I just did an e-mail reading. Here. In the in the middle of the hot, humid, haunted, squatchy, southern…

*deep breath*

Well, you get the idea.

If the love and healing of Tarot, intuition and the human spirit can find me here, it can find you anywhere.

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