Queen Of Cups: Honor the Silence

Some days are just like that.

It comes at different times and in different ways for each different person. Some have a low threshold…some have one as high as the wall. But it’s there, somewhere

Whether it takes a little or takes a lot, we all have our limits. Whatever it is that pushes your buttons or drains your batteries…it’s out there. Whether it takes a lot or a little, we sometimes run out of juice. And it is no failure or shortcoming when we do. It just the nature of things. It’s just how it is when you own and operate a human existence.

The failure comes not when we feel stressed or tire, but when we refuse to listen. If you are tired, rest. If something makes you feel overwhelmed, that is life telling you that something needs to be done differently. So change something. All else is insanity.

Just as there is no failure in acknowledging our limits, there no failure in the nothingness. It is the empty spaces between the letters that give words their meaning. It is the pause in the music that gives rhythm its power.

There is no need to force sound and stuff into every second. Like the Depeche Mode song tells us…”enjoy the silence”. In honoring the silence, we honor ourselves and we honor the living of life itself.