Playing the Gratitude Card

I’m big on authenticity.

I’m happiest when I’m just me doin’ me, and I respect that in other people too. Authenticity is honesty. Authenticity is trusting. Authenticity is important to finding and walking your highest and best path.

Gratitude, like everything else, is best when it’s authentic. I get the idea: blow-back karma can come from being grateful just for the optics of it or with one eye to the benefits that are supposed to come back to us from the act of gratitude. They say intention is everything in subtle energy work.  So how do we reconcile intentions that may be subconsciously self-serving with the obvious right-ness of expressing gratitude?

For me anyway, it circles back to the Taoist treasure of authenticity. Isn’t it better to be honest with yourself about what you really want, no matter what others may think of that desire? That’s step one. There is no harm in a feeling (the wanting.) Step two is the important one – the thinking. Want whatever you want. But think before you act on the want. Wanting is harmless, but not all actions are harmless. Suppressing what you authentically want isn’t harmless either. It is ok to want, but think before you act.

But what if your honest, authentic desire is harmless (or beneficial), and you act on it – and you then GET it? In that case some honest to goodness gratitude is certainly in order. Even if the thing we get isn’t honestly what we wanted, authentic gratitude is a satisfying experience…because even if the thing you get isn’t what you want, you’ve had the experience of receiving…you’ve had the experience of kindness, care and generousity directed to you. That experience is something for which to be grateful, details, things and expectations not withstanding.

Which brings me to the real reason for writing this long and winding introduction: I’m grateful.

E-mail readings have been delightfully busier this week. While I love doing readings of all kinds, e-mail is my particular favorite and my specialty. Not all psychics or Tarot readers like to work this way. For me, it’s easy as breathing because I’m a writer. Connecting the keyboard to my creativity for decades has forged a direct-line connection to intuition as well. Plus e-mail work has some scheduling and time management fringe benefits for me personally … meaning I can do more with less. I can do more readings at a lower cost to you, all from the slipper-socks comfort of my favorite chair.

I’m grateful to have that experience be a part of my life and profession.

I’ve done in-person readings this week…while that does make a scheduling commitment, involves driving time (not to mention that infamous South Hills traffic) and requires that I actually comb my hair, parties and in-person readings let me meet some of the coolest, most interesting people in my (service area) neighborhood. We Pittsburghers are into the whole neighborhood and neighbors thing. I’m grateful.

I even did a phone reading with a nice lady from another state 500 miles away. That too is one of my favorite things about e-mail / phone / skype readings. I get to meet some of the coolest, most interesting people on the whole darn planet! (Hello to my client-friends in the UK, Canada and Australia!) I’m grateful.

So what do I want? To do more Tarot readings (and, to be honest, make a decent part-time job out of it).

Is there any harm? I don’t see a down side the way things are right now. It certainly does no harm to anyone else that I can see.

What am I going to DO about it?  –  Easy. I’m going to re-design the website and ordering process to make it easier for you!!

Look for some gradual changes over the next month or so that should streamline and make things easier (for both of us!)

All Pittsburgh area in-person and party scheduling will go through 412-206-9171 (text or voicemail if no answer) or

E-mail reading orders will be processed through my etsy shop Quirk & Flotsam, which will allow you to order & pay in one easy step! It will take both PayPal and major credit cards for your convenience, through nationally known, encrypted website for your security.

NEW readings with an OLD school style: I’ll be doing hand written, hand illustrated, fountain pen and ink readings. Custom, made to order, tangible, hold-it-in-your hands artist-created keepsake readings just for you, also through Quirk & Flotsam. Old and Modern meet…online.

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