Q&A: Mostly Major Arcana

Q: What does it mean when most of the cards in a reading are from the Major Arcana?

A: Here is my general rule of thumb about the ratio of major and minor arcana in a reading. It’s from the free e-book Modern Oracle: Hello. You can download it HERE. Thanks for your question!

“Minor arcana cards outnumber the Majors in the deck roughly 2:1, so we would expect more minor arcana cards in any given layout. If there is a majority of major arcana cards in your layout, that can symbolize a time of big changes or important life-lessons. A layout of all Minor Arcana cards might symbolize a period of stability or balance. If you are feeling stressed, but the Minor Arcana cards still dominate, that could be a symbol the majority of the stress is over or it could hint that this time will look better in retrospect than it feels at the time of the reading.”