Desire & Connection: Can you hear me now?

The “card of the month” for September is the Lovers…


The Two of Swords has been giving me the niggles a little bit today…


Combining the two:

We have a fairly complex idea depending on how you understand the 2 of Swords. The thing that niggles at me is the way they all seem to touch back to yesterday’s post about “using psychic abilities.

The Lovers is still desire, just like in the card of the month post. “Choice” is a common interpretation for the 2 of Swords. It has tones of wisdom and discretion within that choice. You can see both the conceptual and image connections to the major arcana Justice card. My personal favorite interpretation comes from Diane Morgan, “mystical unity.” It makes sense to me. This card, of all the swords, seems to resonate with the sword’s element air, the ethers, the mystic. No doubt much of that feeling comes from the intriguing image,  the colors of water and sky in the artwork, and a positive feeling-association  with a double jian (Chinese straight sword) clinic I had one time.

Now let’s connect all of the dots…

Desire, choice, and  mystical unity…in short, choosing spiritual growth and choosing to work with your intuition.

The irony is that the desire to “be psychic” can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to actually being “psychic.” We all have intuition. We all can learn to develop it. We can all be enriched by it. It is all very much tied up in the satisfaction of spiritual learning. Like all learning, this path has its fair share of mistakes and pitfalls. In my experience, the biggest ones are ego, expectations, and control.

Intuition is egalitarian. We all have it. The biggest difference is the time and work to develop it. I could learn to repair my car, but I don’t want to invest in the time, education or equipment needed to do it. It’s just not my path. Being a mechanic just isn’t right for me. Not everyone wants to do intuitive work. That’s where I can help. Emphasis on help. Not tell, pronounce or predict. “Psychics” are messengers, not messiahs. Using psychic work to build up your self esteem doesn’t help anyone. Part of being a messenger is being self-confident enough to step aside and let the message speak for itself. It is about having the self-confidence to speak the intuitive information with honesty, most especially when the message is “I’m not the right one to work with you.” If you are in this for attention or aggrandizement or to get some sort of kick out of predicting the future, then you likely will be disappointed sooner rather than later. People aren’t stupid. They know the difference between a show-off and a healer.

Expectations shackle intuition whether you are giving the message or getting it. If expectations are too strong and too specific, the learning is lost. Intuition speaks in symbols, images, feelings, sometimes words. Even with utter trust and openness it can be hard to translate that level of information into something cogent and useful here in the physical realm. Setting a hard expectation on something that delicate is like hitting a cloud with a baseball bat. It scatters the very thing with which you are trying to connect.

When it comes to intuition, we aren’t always in charge. Healthy boundaries must be negotiated and respected. Relationship readings are an example. I’ve chosen the ethos of privacy and permission. I will not read a person without their direct, clear, real-world knowledge and consent. At the same time I believe that other beings, other consciousness (love interests, family members, crossed over loved ones, spirit guides etc) can, through the oneness of everything,  give a non-physical soul-level sort of permission and gift of their energy. If that sense comes through I’ll say so…but it isn’t anything that can be controlled. It is a breathtakingly beautiful gift of Love when another person, living or not, gifts a reading with a sense of their presence. But again, it is a gift always to be respected, and never, ever expected. Such things are not ours to control.

If you make the choice to touch the mystery and the beauty of intuition, to explore our connection with the grand everything, they by all means do so. It is a worthy desire but it must be a deliberate choice. That touch, that growing, that kind of learning is within reach for everyone. As you reach out to learn, take a moment. Look over you shoulder to see how much ego, expectation and desire for control you may be bringing with you. With that glance, turn again to the desire to enter the mystic. It is one of the most amazing, loving desires a human heart can have.