Dream Life Q&A

Q: I’ve been doing a lot of work focusing on myself. Will it pay off? Will I find my dream life? 

A: I feel for you. I get a real sense of ‘been there and done that’ about your question. I suspect anyone who reads this who is or has been on a path of spiritual growth has real empathy for your question.

I have no doubt about the path of growth you are on. There is a feeling of sincere effort here. So the easy answer is – yes.

But the part about paying off and getting a dream life really grabs my attention and gives it a shake. To fuller, more brutally honest answer is yes, “but it depends” – it’s never black and white in this kind of work. It seems like there are always conditions, contingencies and changes. Yoda wasn’t kidding with that “fluid the future is” thing. It’s always nuanced – no wonder the Hermit card is part of the major arcana.

Here’s the thing: It depends on what you mean by “dream life”

As you learn and grow spiritually what is the best dream for you can change. If you stay tied to your current vision of “the dream” then you may miss something better that evolves later on.

Nobody is perfect. Our favorite heroes are the flawed ones. (Check out “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell. Great read, that). The language of spirit (or whatever you call the subtle intangibles of life and this universe) speaks in whispers, shadows, symbols, patterns and time. Our dream might totally miss what is really best. We might totally whiff right past the best thing.

That is part of why expectation is the enemy of intuition. It’s like trying to see the grand canyon through a pinhole. It’s like trying to walk with your ankles chained together. It’s like trying to swim with winter clothes on. Pick your analogy. Heavy expectations are the ticking time bombs of spiritual growth and psychic/intuitive work.

The very first in-person reading I ever received was from the brilliant Sallie Christenson. Her intent, her mantra, the thrust of every reading was to find “the highest and best”. And that was the key to her genius. Since that first life-changing encounter, I’ve adopted her words as my intent, my mantra as well. The words “the highest and best” were the diamond gift of a lifetime. This idea is a gift that only grows in the giving of it. I hope everyone reading this will pick up the diamond and find the dream.

Sometimes dreams are smothered by their own definition. If you work for the highest and best, whatever that may be, then you will find the dream.