The Fiction Hammer


My advice for you today: If you don’t listen to TED talks, start. They are a collection of excellence. This one by Isaac Lidsky is excellent. Period. Full stop. It is a particular favorite because it resonates with so well with Tarot, or at least Tarot as I practice it. It is in no way directly connected to Mr. Lidsky’s talk, but it is a tiny piece of the step that comes next…Tarot is a bit of the puzzle just beyond the talk.

Listen to what he says – eyes, ears, mind and heart open. Tarot is one tiny tool among many many others, but it is a powerful fiction-breaking hammer if we allow it to be. It can be a real help in achieving the mindfulness and vision Mr. Lidsky describes here. “Predicting the future” Tarot tightens fear’s grasp and strengthens self-fulfilling prophecy. Tarot, at its best and as it should be, can break through bias and fear thus freeing us from self-fulfilling fear-built prophecy. But putting Tarot aside, this TED talk is an eye opener. Please enjoy.