W. And I don’t mean the ex-President.


I worry a little when a Tarot question starts with W. Will? Where? Worst of all WHEN? They are the hardest ways to start a session because it throws us right into ye olde discussion about predictions. Will I get the job? Where will I live? When will I meet my soulmate?

I dunno.

Tarot isn’t about predicting the future, remember?

Predictions statistically just don’t work. I’m not going to blow smoke at a 50/50 proposition and make a “prediction” about something when genuine emotions are on the line. Fun and zombie giggles are one thing, but predictions for real life concerns are quite another.

My readings are about H…how.  Understanding how we got to where we are can help us see something far more useful: How to get to where we need to be. My readings are about H, and I. Not the pronoun…Ideas. Ideas about how you can find, attract, manifest and create the future that is highest and best for you…whether – or not – it has anything to do with that other worrisome W…want.

What we want or expect often gets in the way of seeing something better that could come into your life instead. Worse still, wants and expectations can sometimes keep us from seeing the good that already IS in our life.

Predictions handcuff you to someone else’s vision of what your future should be. My job isn’t to glue you to a certain outcome with a prediction. My job is to help you find make your own choices and find your own path to your best future. My readings are designed to show you brighter, broader horizons. These readings are about your choices, not my predictions. That’s called empowerment. That’s called inspiration. That’s what my readings are really all about no matter what letter the question contains.