Are Yes / No readings accurate?

Q: Are yes-or-no readings accurate?

A: Define “accurate”

This is an important question, one I hear often. It really applies to all Tarot readings, not just the yes/no variety. Everyone wants to know “are your readings accurate?”

The answer to that question depends completely on what you mean by “accurate”.

If you are talking about predicting the future exactly as it happen before it happens…then the answer is clearly no.

No reading of any kind can exactly predict the future in detail like that. No “psychic” or card reader has ever been 100% accurate 100% of the time. If predicting the future is how you measure “accurate” then no readings are ever accurate.

You might argue that “I had a reading once and it came true”. You may even know several people that has had that experience. Granted. It happens. But if we look at those times objectively and big-picture, a few things start to muddle up that notion of “accurate predictions” even for those lucky few that seem, on the surface, true.

When you think about these seemingly accurate “hits” consider statistics and perception before you start pinning your hopes on repeating the experience. Chances are you will be really disappointed if you go into any reading with unrealistic expectations.

As I understand the math of it (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong stats and calculus folks) for any given individual reading, the chances of it precisely coming to pass are at best 50%. Either it happens or doesn’t. Zombie Cats aside, either Schrodinger’s poison vial breaks or it doesn’t. In that context any given yes/no reading is about as accurate as flipping a coin. If you look at all the predictions that have been made in human history, all the readings that go on across the planet at any given minute…sure, yes, some will predict the future. But on the other hand, millions of them will not. There is no way to know if your next reading will be one of the lucky ones or not.

The other, and in my opinion the most important part of this is the human mind. Any good reading engages your intuition and feelings as part of it … as it should. A reading is about empowering, inspiring and uplifting YOU…not making the psychic look good. That’s the up side. The down side comes with perception and memory. The reading might actually, factually say some vague nonsense, but we hear it differently. We hear readings with an ear of hope and see them through the eyes of optimism. Often we hear what we want to hear, not what was actually intended. We often perceive readings one way, or remember them another all through the lens and context of what unfolds over time.

While all of this is fun to think about, it all is really a moot point because Tarot and intuition are not about predicting the future in the first place. The basic premise “accurate” has nothing to do with Tarot and intuition’s true purpose. Can you use a cell phone to hammer a nail? No. Can you use a cell phone to find usable, helpful, make-your-life-better information? Of course you can. Tarot is a cell phone, not a hammer.

Tarot is even more like the gps on your cell phone. It helps you plan your trip (life path) and guides your turns (choices) along the way. It can tell you if traffic will be heavy or light (energy flows, the energy environment.) It can’t tell you what you will see and experience along the way. It can’t tell you what other drivers will do. It can’t predict the deer running into traffic or the sudden rain storm that slows you along the way. Is GPS accurate as a guide? Yes. Is GPS accurate at “accurate predictions”? Nope.

The same is true for Yes/No readings too. Like I always say about my “Zombie Cat Yes/No readings”…it has a 50% chance of being dead wrong. BUT it can show you the way to move closer to the path you want. It can give you ideas to flip the answer if it isn’t the one you were hoping to hear. Yes/No readings don’t predict the future, but they can show the road you are on and suggest other turns to take if that is what you would like to do.

Empowering is way better than accurate in my book.


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