Q&A: Is there a correlation between the King of Clubs and Tarot?

Q: I’ve heard you can do fortune telling with playing cards. If that’s true, then is there a correlation between the King of Clubs and Tarot?

A: Absolutely! Yes to both!

You can do intuitive readings with the modern gaming deck just as well as you can with a tarot deck. The fancy schmancy way of saying that is “cartomancy”. I talk about it in detail in “PeaceTarot” my book on kindle and at Quirk & Flotsam. Long story short, you can use a playing deck to choose a Tarot card equivalent meaning by substituting one for one for a card in the minor arcana. Just swap clubs for wands, hearts for cups, spades for swords and diamond for coins. There are a couple of strategies for  including the major arcana described in the book.

More to your question, the Tarot equivalent for the King of Clubs would be the King of Wands. Just read the King of Wands meaning in PeaceTarot, the Tarotbytes archives here (see the handy search bar in the right hand side of the page?) or any of your favorite Tarot references. Learn about the King of Wands and you’ll get the basic message that the King of Clubs is  trying to give you.