A Kingdom at Your Fingertips

“Home is but within my skin

Heart and mind a vast domain

Ghostly forms walk mind’s streets

Memory and emotion the same

Where ever weary bones may rest

Love reaches farther than eye can see

Wherever Love and Memory live

There my home shall be”

~from “Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds”  on amazon.com for Kindle

Tarot and Psychic intuitive have much in common with Eastern Philosophy. Here we see the “middle road” of Buddhism. I know that isn’t very evident in something as gung-ho as a king, or swords. The first image to come to mind is a warrior king like the Arthurian legend.

But take the next step. These images are precisely in balance…in the middle road. If a king is too controlling, he is no longer a wise ruler but becomes a despot, a demigogue, a dictator. If too much in the other direction he becomes a puppet, indecisive and ineffective.

All that is well and good if you are medieval royalty – but how do you apply that right here right now? The King of Swords card asks you to strike this same kingly balance within your own mind, heart and life.

If you look to outwardly for your answers and direction, then you become a puppet to other people’s ideas, and a slave to dogma. You can’t be an effective ruler of your inner kingdom in that state.

If you are too controlling and look only to yourself,then you become an inner despot, careless, compassionless, and disliked by everyone.

The king of swords card is about ruling your inner kingdom with balance and strength and wisdom.

This card speaks of self-discipline. Think of the kingdom analogy. We see diplomatic negotiations, international sanctions, and outright war all around us even today. Getting along with your neighbors and society is as much a part of life for individuals as it is for countries and nations. We all have to do the mundane little niceties that lets daily life work. You trim the weeds, shovel your sidewalk and bring in the garbage cans on a windy day.

At the same time, we must act to preserve individual human rights. Getting along is one thing. Allowing the immoral, violent and deplorable is quite another.

Again this is a card of balance and the middle road. Balancing what is right for you with the needs of others.It is a card of having the self-discipline to do what you need to do, having the self-restraint to allow others to have needs met too, and having the courage to right wrongs when needed. It is a card of taking command of your inner world so that you can peacefully negotiate your way through the outer world.

May you survey your inner kingdom at find it filled with Peace and Prosperity.