We need to talk

I need to talk to you.

Not in the usual me writing to the masses in a big old blog sort of way. I want to talk to you. Here goes….

We’ve had a difficult week here in the U.S. There is a lot of pain and exquisitely strong emotions out there. Tarot is one way to process the whole thing. Tarot’s strength comes from its ability to reach out to the whole of human experience, including the dark and disturbing parts.

I need you to know that any question is OK in a private session. If Tarot can’t help (predictions, medical questions) I’ll tell you. If something in a reading might be colored by my own bias, I’ll tell you. Whatever I see or hear from the realm of intuition, I’ll tell you…even if my logical mind wildly disagrees. It’s always been that way. Nothing has changed now. I give what I get as I get it. It is up to you to decide if it the information is right for you or not.

I need to say, especially to those of you reading from outside the U.S., that I did not vote for Donald Trump (or any Republican) and that I utterly oppose the divisive politics espoused by those who did.

I am more than willing to work with any one of any race, any religion, any sexual preference, gender identity – or even any political affiliation. I want my Tarot work to reflect a joyful celebration of diversity and inclusion. As I see it, Tarot is about humanity, not ideology. I need you to know that I’m not in any way part of the right-wing zeitgeist.

I need this website to be a sanctuary. My usual secular approach to Tarot will continue. I’ve also decided to close the comments. That will protect us from any newly emboldened ‘trolls’ that might target non-mainstream spirituality such as this. More importantly, your ideas and feelings are too important to allow them to hide in the shadows of a comment thread. Please let your opinions be known!  Please, by all means, react to what I write! More power to that! But please do it in a format that reaches the most people possible. Comment threads won’t do that for you. The world needs your voice now more than ever!

Being human, I also have very strong opinions, but this isn’t the place for spleen-venting. If you want to hear the ranting, you are very welcome to visit over on rondasnow.com. I’ve re-named the blog there “Lens” and opened it from natural health to include personal opinion and many other eclectic topics. Read THAT blog at your own peril.

Again, any questions at all, please contact  me.