Would you rather have a chain or a treasure map?

Q: Are your readings accurate?

A: I get this question very often. I’ve answered here before, but I think this one is worth a re-visit every now and then.

The answer to this question is another question…

Accurate compared to what?

The future? That future that can, does and always is changing based on everyone’s decisions and actions? In that case, no. Tarot can’t predict accurately what exactly will happen before it happens. But, more importantly, why would you want it to? What good does it do? What higher purpose could it serve?

Accurate or not, if you allow it, a specific prediction chains you down and enslaves you to one particular vision of the future…the psychic’s vision, not yours. You could argue it is up to the sitter to choose to take the “prediction” to heart or not. That much is true. But there is a better way. I think it is more kind, honest, ethical and quite frankly effective to navigate and empower rather than predict and influence.

GPS is a good model for Tarot readings, but I’m beginning to think a river guide is a better example. Barring construction, roads don’t change much.  Water, like time and energy, is constantly flowing, moving and changing. An experienced river guide can see the rapids, eddies, whirlpools, waves, easy routes, rough waters and dangerous rocks. A river guide can tell you the best general way to travel the river in order to get to where you want to go. A guide can’t predict a rogue wave, or a newly fallen log under the water, but they can help you figure out a better way forward if you do happen to get stuck. They can teach you some basic ways to flip the boat back over if things go all upside down.

A river guide can tell you the state of the water and the best direction to paddle, but not predict every ripple and wave along the way. Tarot readings are the same. They can tell you the flows and challenges and decision points…but not exactly what will happen before it does. Accurate advice? Yes. Accurate predictions? No.

Which begs the question of what kind of accuracy would you rather have? Would you rather be chained to a specific vision that may or may not come true, or have a map to a path full of choices and possibilities?