Q&A: Is he my soulmate?


Q: I did a reading about my new boyfriend and I. I feel really good about us and am hoping he is my soulmate. But I got the 10 of cups and the Fool. What does that mean? What does the Fool have to do with relationships?

A: As always, it’s hard to say without seeing the layout as a whole or knowing what positions these cards were in, that sort of thing.

Taking just these two cards together, I’d have to read that as being very positive. I read the suit of cups as symbolizing love, romance, our closest relationships. 10 is the largest number card of the suit. The 10 of cups is often interpreted as happiness, family …that sort of thing, with a very positive, very growing, expansive, abundant sort of feel.

The Fool is about new beginnings and a reminder to play. The advice here in particular seems to be to stop over-thinking, enjoy this time of newness, enjoy this adventure of a blossoming relationship, no matter how long it ultimate lasts. Although in combination with the 10, it all has a very nice feel. Trust your feelings, follow the Love, enjoy this special time.