When One and One is More Than Two


Swords cards have a bit of a bad rap.

True enough, they are weapons with all the connotations of violence a weapon represents. Yet, even when Tarot first gained popularity as a game in the 15th century or so, guns were already widespread across Europe. Except in sport fencing and martial arts practice, swords have taken on largely ceremonial meaning. They are as symbolic in their literal  modern use as they are used figuratively in the cards.

Personally, I like swords because of the martial arts association. I like doing Taiji jian forms. To me, swords aren’t so much about violence and war as they are about discipline, protection of others, the spiritual warrior. The two in particular touches this realm.

Diane Morgan reads it as “mystical unity” while Ellen Dugan focuses on a mind/heart, thought/emotion balance and duality.  Once again I find myself leaning toward both all together at once.

Heart and Mind are symbiotic. Both together at their best are far more than either alone. Together, and in balance, we can have a moment or more of serene, now-engaged clarity. In those times we are profoundly connected to all-that-is, a mystical unity born of mind/heart balance.