Zombie Cat Predictions 2017

Q: Why do you call the Zombie Cat readings “crazy crap” predictions? The advice in mine seems pretty accurate.

A: You said it yourself…the advice part is what seems to have resonated the most with you.

I call them that for a couple of reasons. First, I like alliteration. It’s fun. And that is a big part of the whole Zombie Cat persona. It is a little zany to think of “all of the above” being the answer to the facts & physics driven question of “Is Schrodinger’s cat dead or alive?” Inspired by our conversations on Menage A Tarot podcast and Kate’s Veronica Noir posts (part of me wants to be Veronica Noir when I grow up), Zombie Cat is a mechanism for me to bring some tongue in cheek humor to Tarot, as well as vent a few little squirts of snark and sarcasm every now and then.

The second big reason is the “predictions” thing. Everyone who reads “Tarotbytes” knows that I think putting your faith in Tarot or psychics making an “accurate” or precise prediction is pretty much, well, crazy crap. While every “prediction” might be accurate in one parallel universe or another, or accurate within some nearby strand of our own cube of 4D space-time, it is wildly improbable to make “accurate predictions. Time and space are a bit jiggly and fluid with the big, interconnected everything changing minute by minute based on everyone’s choices and actions.  In other words, why surrender your power of choice and action to a few pieces of paper and a cartoon cat? Like the GPS analogy we’ve used before, Tarot helps you decide which turns to make…not drive the car for you. Some people just aren’t ready or just don’t want to hop in the metaphysical driver’s seat, so a comical cartoon cat with crazy crap to say is a fun way to introduce the advice in the guise of a “fortune teller” style prediction.

We all have a little crazy crap come our way sometimes. Maybe a Zombie Cat is just the thing to show the way through it.


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