Zombie Cat Predictions 2017: Bong!

Q: Will I make it across the boarder in ’17?

Your cards today are:

  • Ace of Coins
  • Ace of Swords
  • Ten of Swords

A: Yes, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

Multiple times doing this reading, I keep remembering the “Bong!” sound from those old Taco Bell “run for the boarder” ads. The Ace of Coins plus Ace of Swords hint that your boarder crossing might manifest as much as a spiritual journey as any physical-realm change. The ten of swords hints at real obstacles, ones that could end your boarder-journey if you aren’t watchful, but keep in mind the Taoist adage…in the extreme of anything lies the seed of its opposite. Ten is as big as the number cards get, so in challenges and failures look for the seeds or tools that can bring future successes.

I don’t what boarder you are talking about. If it is metaphoric, making a brave, permenant change in life, then yes, that is a boarder you can run for with likely success.

If you are talking about crossing a literal boarder into the U.S – good luck, the electoral college has put Der Pumpkinfurher in office. Who knows what that will do.

If you are talking about crossing a literal boarder into another country – can’t blame you there.

Whatever boarder, brace yourself, pack well, plan wisely, walk strong, and enjoy that TacoBell-ish Bong! when you reach your destination.


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