Tarot Holidays

In that mysterious card randomizer that I call my head, was wondering what cards most match up with the holiday season and capture the energy and flavor of the time. Here’s what the randomizer came up with:


It is the dark of the year. It is both science, and symbolic. The moon is the light in the dark, the greatest (in my opinion) symbol of this time of year. As I see it, light in the darkness is the symbolic thread that unites all spirit traditions this time of year. It is the symbol of the human spirit overcoming adversity. It is the joy of children and new life in the harshest of times and environments (sure, any old plant can grow in the springtime, but stay green during the winter, how’s that for a trick? No wonder pine, cedar, spruce, holly and all the evergreens are so revered, particularly this time of year).

The moon is associated with spirituality, and has a gentle light and energy compared to the sun. Which brings us to…


Again the idea of light over coming dark, survival – literally part of the Yule celebration. It is the turning point of the year, when the days start to lengthen. Both solstices are special, impactful times, but the winter one seems particularly other-worldly. It’s power lies with Yin, but it balanced with the Yang of the returning sun.


It’s all about the kids….actual, and inner. Simple, joyous, enjoyment and appreciation. It’s ok, love those cookies. Have a cup of hot cocoa. With or without Kahlua.


Even if the winter holidays are chinese food driven or slighty Rum soaked at your house, I take the Pastafarian approach to this time of year. Celebrate SOMETHING. Doesn’t matter what. Just go be happy about something, somewhere at some point during this season.


All the cards up to this point have been major arcana, rightly so. It’s an important thing. Even though I come at it from a secular, pagan-ish holly jolly, comfort and joy, festivus for the rest of us kind of angle, the whole concept of the thing is kinda sacred. Celebrating the light of life, humanity, survival, generosity, joy, fun, …all the human things that make this human lifetime deeper, richer and more meaningful… the whole celebration is essential to a well kept and healthy heart, mind and spirit no matter how you dress it up.

The six of coins has a place. The majors show what, but the 6 shows us how. It’s about connection as much as celebration. Being a little generous with ourselves and with others bolsters us all for the hardest part of the coming winter. In the distant past we all survived together in a very literal way. Now, it seems to me, the literal tribe is global, and the figurative idealistic tribes threaten to tear it all apart. A little generosity of spirit as well as of goods can go a long way to making year better for us all.

So no matter what window-dressing you hang on your loving, and your connecting to humanity, I wish you the very best of times and happiest of holidays.

Cool Yule, y’all