When the Moon is Upside Down



Today’s card is the Moon in reverse. I never have put much stock in so – called “reversed” cards. I like to take all the possible connotations of the card into consideration in doing a reading, and it doesn’t seem right to discard some out of hand just because of the way the card turns over on the table. After all, if it is upside-down to me, then it is right-side-up to the other half of the room. Who says my side of the table is the privileged frame of reference? After all, the theory of relativity says there is no such thing, right?

That, more than other “meanings” catches my attention now. Think of the actual, real moon. There is no right side up or upside down. In space, any orientation is valid, exists, is real. How the observer sees the moon relative to themselves, to the earth, to the sun makes no real difference. It doesn’t change anything, really.

The same is true with the moon card.  The card talks about natural cycles, intuition and spiritual journey. No matter if we are feeling movement or stagnation, both are part of the natural spiritual path sometimes. Sometimes we feel the mystic and mystery, sometimes we feel just ‘meh’.

Whether it is a year for celebration or a year for a cup of cocoa by the TV and calling it a year…the moon smiles on you from any direction.

When the moon is round and our view is large, the moon can never stand on its head.

All is indeed one. All is well. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy, abundant New Year.


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