All Is Quiet This New Year’s Day


When I pulled a card today, I did it with a notion of getting  your run-of-the-mill, thought-for-the-year kind of meditation. I don’t think this is that. It feels less about 2017, an more about New Year’s Day itself, and the way we individually and culturally think about the beginning of a new calendar year.

The Ace of Swords is about awakening and truth. There is an upward, air energy about it…which is just what we would hope for a new year. We want things to be more optomistic, upward, hopeful. We communicate our hopes and goals and resolutions. Yet, it is a card of mind more than a card of action, which seems a bit out of character compared to other sword cards, the knight in particular. It feels a little out of character and out of the ordinary, which New Year’s Day often is.

New Year’s Day is met with high expectation, and frequent disappointment. Life seldom makes a 24 hour turnaround. Things are fundamentally the same as they were a day ago. If anything has changed, it is our perception and our way of looking at things. It is a day that is as unconnected to “now” as it gets, collectively speaking anyway. We look back, countdown the “tops” of they year, raise our light sabers in memory of those left behind, and kick the mistakes and bad things to the curb in order to begin again. We look forward, set our hopes and priorities, kick the dust off of our shoes and get set to take a run at doing things better this time around.

In other words, whatever 2017 brings, how are you going to greet it? How are you going to step up the many random moments that happen after midnight January 1? How are we all going to move to and greet the new year, today and beyond?

The card doesn’t offer the answers so much as it does the opportunity to ask the questions.

Here I also get a sense of camaraderie, of brothers/sisters at arms banded together to wage peace and choose our happiness.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and abundant New and Every Year


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