Spiritual Archery & the 8 of Wands

Q: I feel so sad and lonely. Will I ever get married and if so when?

A  I know I said yes/no readings are free but it just wouldn’t be right to do a fun-and-giggles crazy crap prediction about this when such real, raw, important emotions are on the line. How do you feel about a trade, say, a free reading for permission to put your card on the blog?

Realistically, asking to predict the future is asking for the impossible. Tarot is tied to cause and effect, energy and choice, not some arbitrary, set fate.  A better way to do this is to ask what you need to think about or what you need to do in order to get on the path toward that special someone. A one card meditation is a great first step in that process.


Your card today is: 8 of Wands

This symbolizes something in motion that must run its course. It is a little like shooting an arrow…the advice is to take care how you aim and set things in motion, yes, but also there are things to consider once the arrow is in the air and beyond your control.

In a sense, you have already shot your arrow. You’ve already decided that you want a marriage in your life. You’ve decided that is the path that you want to take and you’ve sent that wish out into the universe. The hard part is knowing that the universe is under no obligation to fulfill your wish the way you want, or for things to happen on any particular time-table. Nature takes it course in its own time…not according to our calendars, hopes or expectations.

So now what do you do? It seems all you can do is live well while your arrow flies and trust that it will land in the best place for you.

How well an arrow flies depends on the conditions around it.

If you focus on what you don’t have, and spend your time pining away for a future that may or may not happen, then  you are in an energy state of lack and self-pity. That isn’t a good energy state for attracting love and marriage into your life. These are wobbly conditions for wish-arrows.

If you pour your love and happiness into the life you have now and into the people who are already with you (friends, family, etc) that is an excellent wish-sending environment. Wish-arrows fly as straight and fast as possible under those conditions.

Imagine your potential mate is watching this metaphoric archery match. Imagine how it all looks from their point of view.

What kind of energy do you find most attractive? What kind of person do you want to find and marry? Do you want to marry someone who is needy and wrapped in sadness? Or would you rather marry someone who is happy, loving and enjoying life as it is?

You’ve made your wish and shot your arrow. That arrow will land somewhere, some time, one way or another, guaranteed. All you can do now is choose how you live while the arrow flies.


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