Zombie Cat Crazy Crap Predictions 2017: Should I meditate?

Q: Has the Universe been telling me to meditate?

A: Your cards today are:
  • Seven of Swords, reversed
  • Empress, reversed
  • Queen of Wands
Well blow me down.
I’ve never seen a no to meditation before! But in the tradition of I Ching fortune telling, a no this strong may be on the cusp of becoming its opposite, a yes.
Actually, what I hear is “alternative”. Classic seated meditation isn’t the right thing for everyone, much as we meditators might try to ignore that little fact.
Turns out there are all kinds of ways to meditate. Meditation is about paying attention to right here, right now, for an amount of time. The more you practice, the longer that amount of time becomes.
But there also is an element of detachment. Mindfulness (paying attention to here and now) is also accompanied by not holding on to thoughts. Thoughts come, thoughts go, no analysis, no judgement, no anything. The classic example is thoughts floating by like leaves on a stream. We see them but don’t grab on to them, and let them float on by. Thoughts will keep coming…but that’s ok. Meditation isn’t about turning off your mind, or stopping your thoughts…it is about changing your relationship with those thoughts and feelings. After all, those thoughts and feelings  are normal, natural and deserve to be acknowledged….and released.
Damn that’s good. Mind if I put this on the blog?
So no, the uiverse isn’t telling you to meditate in the classic way, but yes, anything can become a meditation. Sitting style might not be for you, but there are tons of other times and ways to be mindful: chopping veg for dinner, washing dishes, tai chi, knitting, walking, jogging, chopping wood, carrying water…any anything that doesn’t take a ton of concentration or focus. The stopping thinking part is about not mentally engaging with thoughts. If you are going to take that mental step back, it’s probably a good idea to do it when you are doing something “mindless” that doesn’t take focus or decisions. That’s is probably why sitting on a cushin is a popular choice – sitting doesn’t take mental focus for most folks. Thoughts still come in their torrent, but when you don’t really need them for whatever simple task you are doing, it is easier to just look at them and let ’em go.
As for the cards themselves….the reversed 7 of Swords lets you know you might not be as lost or wayward as you might think you are. If you are contemplating a meditation practice at all, that likely means you are barking up the right tree. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right branch for you.
The reversed Empress shows yeah, you need to do something to care for yourself and re-connect with your inner nature, and the best path for that is nature or natural somehow. Your meditation might be something outdoorish like tai chi in park, or anything electronics and chemical free.
Queen of wands turns up all the time for nurturing people as a reminder to nurture themselves. It’s hard to take care of people the way you want to / love to/ enjoy if you are tapped out yourself.
So sit around on a mountain contemplating pep-o-mint lifesavers or telling people about how white tea is made like the guru’s in the commercials? Nah. But bring a whole new mind set to something you enjoy and do already? Yep. You betcha.
How’s that for the longest “both” yes and no you ever saw?
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