Q&A: When?

Q: Zombie Cat, When will I be in a serious relationship?

A: Unfortunately, I have bad news

First, the free Zombie Cat reading offer ended yesterday

Second, “When” isn’t a yes-or-no kind of question, so the Zombie Cat style reading wouldn’t answer this question anyway.

Third, Tarot isn’t about when..it is all about the HOW. It isn’t about when you’ll be in a serious relationship, but what you need to do to move toward one in the first place.

Let’s do this…let’s do a one card meditation about your first steps along that path to the kind of relationship you want. I’ll give you the reading at no charge in trade for your permission to put it in the blog, OK?

Your card today is:


Many people regard this as a positive card, so I get the feeling there are some reassurances for you that you are heading toward a relationship…relationships really, so don’t panic. There is a sense of journey-ing. Maybe not in the literal sense, but it feels like there is more life experience to come before you find “the one”. It feels like dating turned friendship. In my mind’s eye I see a small cup in the sky over the figure on the card next to the II. The 2 of cups is often associated with the kind of serious, handfasting, long term marriage kind of relationship – which is the kind of relationship I’m guessing was on your mind when you asked your question. Put those impressions together, and that gives you a general idea of when…meaning not now, but later. There are things (pleasant things) you need to do first to get to a good mental and emotional place to find/manifest the kind of serious relationship that you mentioned in your question. There is a little more life to travel, but you are headed in the right direction.



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