Q&A: Are Oracle Cards Demonic?

Q: Are Oracle Cards Demonic?

A: I gotta admit, I was a little surprised by your question. The “demon” “evil” & “occult” questions tend to come up more around Halloween than this time of year for whatever reason. But fair enough…it’s good question anytime.

I’ve talked about this before when asked if Tarot cards are “demonic” so the same answer applies to oracle cards. As we’ve talked about on Menage A Tarot podcast, oracle cards are even farther from “demonic” motifs than Tarot. Oracle cards, from what I’ve seen, are deliberately light, positive, optimistic … to a fault. If anything they tend to over-compensate and under-represent the harsher realities of normal living. If you want all rainbows and unicorns, you are more likely to find that in an oracle deck than in a classic Tarot deck.

Like Tarot, oracle cards are just pieces of paper with pretty pictures on them, created by human beings. There is nothing supernatural, divine, magical, mysterious or special about them. The good, bad, beautiful and ugly of any card deck comes from the people who created and use them.

As such, resonance is a key concept. Or to put it in more spiritual terms….think of “like attracts like”. Or to put it in philosophical terms like “a sage is a mirror”. Or to put it in card store coffee mug “believing is seeing.”

Long story short…you get out of cards what you bring to the cards. If you bring fear of demons, then that is the frequency where your bell will ring…you resonate with that energy. If you project fear onto the cards, they will reflect a fearsome experience back. It is human nature to cherry-pick spiritual experiences to fit our expectations and see what we believe whether it is objective or not.

That is where a professional reader comes in really handy. If you are worried about demons, then it pays to have someone who can “translate” the spiritual language and symbolism with a little less attachment. A professional reader can bring a lot of objectivity, balance…and reassurance…to a reading. A professional reader can help you see the difference between panic-button cut-and-run negativity and just normal, run of the mill ups and downs.

Like everything else, I see it as a balance of opposites. It’s a matter of finding the butter zone between extremes.  I agree with Yoda, that fear and anger lead to the dark side. But I also think that naivete and unceasing, unrealistic positive-only card readings do another kind of harm. It is neglectful. If you don’t clean a wound because it is painful, it gets worse. “Sunlight is the the best disinfectant” no doubt…but you can’t let the sunlight in unless you first acknowledge the dark. A pragmatic acknowledgment of emotionally frightening or painful situations is a far cry from “demonic” although I can see where the two could become conflated.

So are oracle cards demonic? No. Can they show you something about yourself that is uncomfortable, disheartening, or infuriating? Of course. Thank goodness that they do. If we surrender the ‘dark side’ of cards we surrender their ability to point out problems. If we surrender their ability to point at the uncomfortable parts of life, we surrender their ability to help us heal.