Q&A: Soul Connection

Q: I met **** 8 months ago, and I think I’m in love with him. We’ve talked, but he always gets quiet and never shows any interest back. I’ve given him space, and haven’t talked to him in a couple of weeks, but lately I’ve been having dreams about him. Does this mean we have a soul connection and will end up together after all? What do the cards say? Which layout should I get? 

A: If there is one thing I’ve learned from all these years of reading Tarot, it is to follow intuition when it presents itself. This doesn’t happen often, but I’m getting some impressions right up front for you, no card required. I’m just going to roll with that to start. If this doesn’t answer your question, let me know and we can move on to a one card meditation later or tomorrow. My hunch is that would be the best layout since it feels like your mind and energy is laser-focused on this one thing.

First I get a strong sense of validation and encouragement for you. Talking to him was exactly the right thing to do. I can’t promise this is the case, but it feels like this is one of those very rare times where he is lending his energy to you, to help you understand. It is a very kind energy, I’m grateful to him for doing this for us. He seems to be a very kind, considerate, protective kind of person. It feels like he likes you in a congenial, good friend way. Because of that, he gets quiet rather than rejecting you outright. It feels like doing that, from his point of view, might be protective for both of you. It spares your feelings from experiencing direct rejection plus sparing him from an unnecessary confrontation. Cool thing is that by him being so Zen about it, and by you having the insight to take the hint and back off, your friendship is preserved. You guys can be buddies without it being too weird…make sense?

Second there is a strong sense of encouragement…”(do that again) next time” comes to mind here. That has a double edge to it. Next time might feel disappointing that this wasn’t “the one”, but next time is hopeful that there will be a next time and maybe that will be “the one.”

Third is the thing about the dreams. I like Sylvia Brown’s approach to dreams, understanding them by broad themes and categories rather than trying to interpret a bazillion individual images and symbols. In your case I have a hunch this is a projection or reflection sort of dream, rather than an indication of a “soul connection”. Think of it like a mirror. A physical mirror shows you how you already appear on the outside, even if it is a bad hair day. A reflection dreams shows you what you are already hoping and feeling on the inside, even if it isn’t reality.

Another possibility, and this feels like a little bit of a reach, but it might be worth considering…the “soul connection” you feel might be a past-life thing and less of a this-life thing. Think about this, and see if it feels right to you – but what if you two knew each other in a past life, and things didn’t end so well that time around. What if this is a chance for you two to meet, but end things in a quiet, friendly, non-confrontive way – to bring things to a close between the two of you in a much better way this time around? If that feels like it has any truth too it for you, I suggest reading “How to Uncover Past Lives” by Ted Andrews.  It was one of his Llewellyn published books and may still be on amazon.com too.

And there the energy steps back. I hope that helps Let me know if you feel you need the card too.

Best Wishes


This post was inspired by an actual reading I did some time ago, but changed to protect privacy. Her only response was “amazing….thank you”. We never did draw a card about this question. After writing this, I wonder what the card would have been. The really cool part about this reading was the touch of energy and soul/etheric permission from her friend. I wish I could describe to you what an honor it is and how humbling it can feel when spirit guides or living soul energies come into a reading like this. I am grateful to this kind man, whomever he is. The energies involved in any reading is worth our utmost respect as Tarot readers, but that goes double for the times when third party others participate.