42 or “It Depends”

I’m beginning to think the answer to life, the universe and everything is either “42” (as Douglas Adams wote in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) or “It depends

Fairly often I’m asked things like “are Tarot cards evil?” The answer….say it with me…”It depends

It depends on what the person asking the question considers evil.

If they are thinking in terms of supernatural demons, hell fire, damnation and horror movie plots…then no, obviously not. Tarot cards are pieces of paper with pictures on them. End of story. Can they predict your death/marriage/lottery number, drive you to murder, or cause you to cavort with Satan? No. Can the cards and pictures can be used to help expand your intuition, to enhance your imagination and discover creative solutions? Yes, absolutely. Is Tarot evil? Only if you think choice, spirituality or personal growth are evil.

Put aside the horror movie definition. What if we thought of “evil” as deliberately doing harm to someone. A piece of paper can’t do that. But people can and do use Tarot to harm (lie, scam money, manipulate emotions, etc.) Are Tarot cards evil? No. Are some Tarot readers evil? You have to decide that for yourself. It depends.

Essentially it is a case of buyer beware. Tarot readers are people like everyone else…with the whole spectrum of human virtues and foibles. The vast majority want to help, and just want enough money to live….like everyone else in the world. The way to avoid evil in Tarot is simple common sense. If claims and promises (100% accurate, guarantees of love or money) seem too good to be true…they are. If the demands are unreasonable (believing certain things, getting many regular sessions, loyalty to them alone) then move on to someone reasonable & trustworthy.

Let’s combine the movie demon and the doing harm definitions…

If you have a heartfelt belief that Tarot is wrong, then yes, Tarot would be evil for you – not because of inherent devils, demons, smoke monsters or what-have-you, but because of the lack of self respect that would be involved. You would be harming you if you violated important ethics and beliefs. If that is the case, the answer is simple. Tarot cards are not evil, but they are not the right thing for you. Is Tarot evil? If engaging with it would harm your self-esteem, then yes. Find another path.

On the other hand, if you believe Tarot is evil, why would you even be asking about it? It could be a hint that the old “tarot is evil” dogma is the thing that is harmful, not the Tarot.. In which case it would do harm to your self respect to subjugate that curiosity and inner growth to old beliefs that are no longer valid for you. Is Tarot evil? If blindly following old dogma harms your self-esteem, spirituality and personal growth, then no, it most definitely is NOT evil, and could very well be liberating.

Is Tarot evil? It depends …. on you.