A rose by any e-mail means the same

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Wm. Shakespeare

While we are in FAQ mode, another thing that comes up a lot is “are e-mail readings really as good as in person?”

In a word:  YES!

Think of Mr. Shakespeare’s rose. If I sit here and type the word ROSE and you now read it…what comes to mind? The image of a particular blossom? The smell of roses? A gift bouquet? Romance?

If someone said the word ROSE to you, would your reaction or memories really be any different?

A Tarot reading is all about you…all to help you. If your response to words are the same, what difference does it make if you hear them or read them? The idea lands in your mind and touches your heart either way.

For some people, that landing and touching happens easier in live sessions than with e-mail, which is perfectly fine. The difference is superficial and cosmetic, really. If the ambiance of a live session helps you to connect with the reading, that’s perfectly fine, by all means go for the live session! Live vs email has to do with personal preference of the learner, not the quality of the information given by the reader. See the difference?

Hear the word ROSE or read the word ROSE … the message is just as sweet.


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For quicker service and the SAME information at a lower cost please consider an e-mail reading. Photo or graphics of your unique card layout included. Only $5 per card. Zombie Cat readings on sale while supplies last!

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