Beyond the Frosting: the Magician and the Lovers cards

Arguably, romance is the frosting on life’s cake.

To avoid any misunderstanding, let me tell you what I mean by “romance”. It could be something very different for you.

To me, “romance” implies fantasy and superficiality, and shallow art. It is valuable in the same way all art and play and fun and relaxation is valuable. But as wonderful as frosting may be, life needs a little cake too.

You know that cream cheese frosting that traditionally goes on red velvet cake and carrot cake? I love the stuff. You know that old saying…”I’d eat if you put it on an old shoe”.  Not literally, but I imagine that stuff could make about anything taste good. On the other hand, I’ve had some pretty amazing cake too. Tres leches cake comes to mind. And the vanilla almond cake at a friend’s wedding still makes sparks fly in my brain just thinking about it.

Good frosting might make anything good, but good cake makes a good frosting fantastic.

And that is the subtle distinction between romance and relationship, even though we all have a tendency to use the two interchangeable, myself included. If the cake, the relationship, is sawdust, it only shows what fluff and nothing the romance frosting can be. If the cake is delicious, then the two together are sublime.

The Q&A post  “Romance Reading – The Lovers and The Magician” from 2011 is far and away one of the most popular. It talks about the surface romance, but also hints at finding deeper relationship too.

Now lets look at a deeper layer in the cake: human nature. In spite of its reputation, The Lovers card means much more than romance and dating. It is about we want, desire, crave and expect in all aspects of life. The Magician is, on every level, about making them real.

This combination has messages on several levels, but manifestation is clearly a theme. What is it you really want. What is really at the lover’s heart of the matter? Of that thing or condition you think you want….is that really it or is that the frosting? What is the real, deep down motivation and what will bring real satisfaction? A nice date is romantic…pretty, frilly frosting. But a long term, committed, genuine, authentic loving relationship is cake of a different flavor. That’s what is inside, and gives life it’s shape. That is what it is all about.

If you aren’t manifesting what you want, stop and think. Are you focusing on the apperance at the surface or are you looking for the substance underneath? Are you looking for one kind of frosting and missing the cake of your dreams?

Romance, relationships, love, cake, or any ambition: When you face the Magician and the Lovers, look beneath the frosting. Think about what you really deep-down want, and be open to all the different possible paths to making it real.