Free Tarot offer for Tarotbytes blog readers

“A thought is powerful, the spoken word more so, but the written word is most powerful of all” – Sallie Christensen

I’m developing a new style of Tarot reading to offer in my Etsy Shop “Quirk and Flotsam”. It is a physical paper, pen-and-ink, cutom created Tarot reading featuring hand-drawn impressions of your card plus any shapes or symbols intuition sees for you. Often these lines look a little bit like Petroglyphs or some sort of scientific notation. I drew the one below  with the “artrage” app, but yours will be fountain Pen on white Paper folded into a business envelope and mailed to you.  The final paid version for the shop will be mailed flat in a manilla envelope.

If you would like to newschool Beta-test this oldschool kind of Tarot reading, be one of the first three people to e-mail me at with these important things:

  1. Your actual mailing address. It will NEVER be shared and I won’t use it for anything except this.
  2. Your promise to give honest feedback with permission to quote you
  3. Your permission to use anonymous Photos of your drawings in the Etsy shop and on social media. Your identity is never revealed.
  4. Your favorite name for the new reading. Choose from “Psychic Glyphs Reading” “Inkwitch Tarot Reading” or “Inkmagic Tarot Reading” or suggest one of your own.
  5. Your question for the reading or any questions you have at all

Thanks for you help!