The scoop (free Tarot)

One has been claimed, two are left. Get yours while you can.

I am thinking of introducing a new style of tarot reading to my Etsy shop Quirk and Flotsam.  The new neadings will be handwritten, Pen & ink, or actual paper sent by snail mail. (Modern Oracle meets old school).

Would you the to help me “beta test” this old fashored new thing for FREE?  I, I’ll send one at no change to the next 2 people who correctly send the following:

  1. your name and actual mailing address. The address will never be shared and won’t be used for anything except this
  2. your question or focus for the reading. “open” is fine too. 
  3. your promise to give honest feedback with permission to quote you
  4. permission to use pictures of your reading on the website or social media. Your identity will be kept secret. No are will Know the drawing was for you
  5. your favorite name for this new Tarot offering. Choose from “psychic glyphs reading” “Inkwitch Tarot reading” “Inkmagic Tarot reading” or suggest one of your own.

The new reading starts with a one card Tarot card meditation. I draw the mental images and symbols that intuition gives along with the card interpretation. It isn’t Rembrandt- most of the time it looks like primitive petroglyphs or some kind of alien scientific notation. The reading portion itself is just the all of my e-mail one-card readings, except written down by hand using one of my favorite fountain pens as a nod to Tarot’s ancient roots. An the words of one of the most skilled and gifted intuitines I’ve ever met,

“A thought is powerful, the spoken word more so, but the written word is most powerful of all.” – Sallie Christensen