Blog Hop: Nine of Wands


Nine of Wands

Someone once said – George Carlin maybe –  that life is a fatal condition because no one gets out of it alive. Certainly no one gets out of it without a few dings and boo-boos, both on the physical level and on the mental/emotional level.

The nine of wands can encompass both advice and validation energies. It holds a sort of beleaguered acceptance and brave persistence. When you are injured, or even just tired, it serves no good purpose to deny that fact and go beyond your genuine limits. Yes, push the boundaries, learn, grow, go outside of your comfort zone when you feel strong…but if you remember the movie “The Right Stuff”, the other half of  “pushing the envelope” is knowing when to “haul it back in again”. Just as the military frowns on losing expensive planes and valuable personnel, when you go too far, you can’t function or help…not others, not yourself. When the nine of wands comes to a reading, consider where are you “walking wounded”? Where in life do you need rest, attention, bandages, rehab, retraining….whatever is needed to bring you back to your best?

Another component reminds me of the Japanese proverb “fall down seven times, get up eight.” This often comes to mind when the card is reversed. The reversal may come when recovery energy is blocked or challenged. It might be a hint that you are holding on to an old hurt, or an old emotional scar too strongly. Here is takes on a cautioning energy…beware dwelling in the past, holding a grudge, wallowing in hurt or self pity.

All of that is, of course, easier said than done. Just as a wounded soldier needs bandages to heal, sometimes we need help, both little and big. One little help is wearing or using stones and crystals. This is especially helpful in the emotional and energetic realm of things. If nothing else, it is a reminder to set our intention. a little encouragement or stress relief.  From an esoteric point of view, it is all about energy and resonance. Particular stones and colors help our energy to vibrate and resonate in a different, healthier way. Not saying wearing a necklace is going to cure your problems or take the place of counseling, but every bit helps.

For self-love, emotional healing, and especially releasing old emotional scars and issues, rhodonite and smokey quartz makes a fantastic combination. If you don’t want to make your own intention or Reiki infused jewelry, no problem. There are plenty of people like me out there that just love making the stuff. But if you like DIY, here are some rough instructions for making a necklace like the one I made in the picture at the top of the page. If you have never strung necklaces before, check out the catalog of tutorial videos at for more detailed instructions before you begin. That is where I bought the beads and clasp pictured above as well. That was a couple of years ago, so you’ll have to check what they have in stock if you want to replicate this one..but don’t hesitate to use your creativity and design your own!


  • Tiger Tail nylon wrapped wire (or your favorite stringing material) 22 inch length
  • 6-0 grey glass seed beads
  • 6mm smokey quartz  or smoky colored crackle glass round beads (1 15-inch strand)
  • 6mm rhodonite beads (15 inch strand)
  • crimp beads
  • clasp
  • pliars or crimp tool
  • wire cutter or scissors
  • Rhodonite pendant focal
  • masking tape

Hold both ends of the tiger tail, and string on the focal, allowing it to hang at the halfway point of the wire. Thread both ends of the wire through two 6-0 seed bead and snug it close to the focal. Separate the two sides of the wire, and string each side separately. Use masking tape if needed to keep focal and seed beads in place as you work on each side. String each side alternating starting with two seed beads, then alternate smoky quartz and rhodonite beads with a seed bead between each until 1 1/2 inches remains (see photo above). Add a crimp bead and one side of your clasp. Double the end back over the end of the clasp then back through the crimp bead and one or two of the 6 mm beads. Use pliers or crimp tool to press the crimp bead closed and secure the clasp in place. Use wire cutte or scissors to trim any exposed stringing wire at the end. Repeat with other side. Remove any remaining tape, and clean beads if/where needed with a soft cloth.


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