Zombie Summer Tarot Reading Offer

Want a FREE “Zombie Cat” yes-or-no Tarot Reading?

Please read these instructions. One person will be chosen at random daily from emails that follow them correctly.

  1. Send an e-mail with your name and one (1) yes-or-no question to modernoracletarot@gmail.com
  2. Include your permission for the reading to be posted in the blog (post does not include your name or any personal information)
  3. One entry per day per person. Chances of winning depend on how many people enter and how many people can follow instructions. Incorrect entries will be deleted without warning while I laugh like Dr. Evil.
  4. One win per person. Previous winners are ineligible for further readings.
  5. Valid June 8 – Aug 31, 2017 only
  6. All readings for light entertainment only with 90% chance of wry humor and a 50% chance of being dead wrong.
  7. Be patient. Not every day will have a post, again depending on holidays, vacations, and number of entries. But wadda ya expect….it’s free.