Everything Throws Shade on a Sunny Afternoon


Everything throws shade on a sunny summer afternoon.

No one wants to think about problems on a lovely day. We all need a break from stress and problems. But there can be no permanent vacations. In short, denial is bad.

The Devil card is, perhaps, the most dire and disturbing of all the Tarot cards. As it should be: that’s its job. The Devil card exists to remind us that life is never all ice cream and unicorns. If it is, then something is wrong. When the sun comes out, shadows fall. The two are inseparable. By that same token, solving a problem is inseparable from admitting it exists.

Tarot isn’t about blowing the smoke of eternal sunshine up everyone’s nostrils. Sometimes the highest good we can serve is rattle the cages of complacency and open eyes to hard realities. Never fun, but often necessary…and a necessity that can be done kindly. Cruelty only comes when we are UNnecessarily harsh or intimidating. Facing reality is a necessary thing, neither good nor bad. Seeing shadows in the sunlight is neither good nor bad. It keeps us from being sun-dazzled. It keeps us from being sun-blinded. Light and shadow is what allows us to see at all.

Everything throws shade on a sunny afternoon.