Empire State of Summer

Hi Everyone! Few quick announcements:

  • Back from surprise-destination family vacation…NYC! 100% Thanks to my wonderful husband it was a fantastic weekend! If there was a soundtrack to the trip, it was alternately “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and “You Belong to the City” by Glen Frey. Wow. Just Wow.
  • Also NYC related, but completely separate from vacation….was recently interviewed by Empire Radio Now for their “Professional’s Roundtable” once in short format and again in a half hour format. Empire Radio is internet based and available on the web at www.empireradionow.com but they are located in the NYC area. They focus on business topics but often include professionals from less mainstream industries such as artists, freelancers, holistic health, and more. The interviews were set up before I knew about the trip,and  he planned the trip months ago before we knew Empire Radio existed….that’s synchronicity in action folks!
  • My half hour is in the player at the top of the page….we talk about the ins, outs and advantages of E-mail Tarot Readings.
  • Back in the ‘burgh, in-person and party readings are scheduling again with availability starting July 11. (due to illness, any appointments July 6 -10 please call me to reschedule – Trying to contact you T…but no answer at your phone #)
  • E-mail readings are available NOW….no appointment needed – click HERE to order!
  • I’ll be updating Quirk & Flotsam, my Etsy shop as the summer goes along. Please visit often…never know what you might find
  • The “Zombie Cat” yes-or-no free tarot reading special is still going on. Please click the “special offers” tab at the top of the page ^ to learn how to get yours