Tarotbytes Bookshelf: “Going Beyond the Little White Book”

I’ve been meaning to start a series of book reviews / recommendations. Seems like I’m always giving my Tarot clients homework….books I’ve read that come to mind that speak right to what’s going on with them. The whole book may not be the whole answer, but the book that intuition plunks down on the reading table always contains some nugget of knowledge or inspiration. There are no magic bullets, but there are lots of little nudges in the right direction. In my experience, a whole lot of those nudges are in books. Even books that weren’t my personal cup of tea but crossed my path anyway….even those have invariably come in handy later on for one client or another.

When Liz Worth approached me with the opportunity to read and review a complimentary copy of her book, I couldn’t turn that one down. Seems like a perfect, synchronistic opportunity to finally start that post series. *Clears throat* here comes the scholar / analysis / reviewer voice:

I read “Going Beyond the Little White Book” from two points of view. I read it as 25+ year Tarot reader, but also as Tarot teacher and author. I was most impressed from the teacher point of view. There are books that give “meanings” for the individual cards. These books often are just a little more than the “little white book” that comes with so many Tarot Decks. Even Decks that come with more elaborate books tend to be meaning-oriented. On the other end of the spectrum, you have books about intuition and spiritual development that say little to nothing about Tarot. The trick is bridging the two, and that is where “Going Beyond” excels. This is the ideal book for someone who knows the mechanics of a Tarot reading and has become familiar with rote cards meanings and now finds themselves itching for more. Anyone can put a few key words to a card, but what do you DO with those meanings? How do you apply them? What good are the meanings if they aren’t USEable? That is where “going beyond” helps the most. It builds a bridge from meanings to context and meanings to usefulness. The “intention” portion of each card’s chapter makes each card seem friendly and lively, like a helper-fairy landing on your card table to help. That part bridges the gap from rote meaning to a general concept, the root idea behind the card. In the rest of the chapter she puts the card into broader context relating the card to different types of questions that commonly bring people to a tarot reading be that with a professional or be that a DIY layout. This part puts the root idea into context. She asks helpful questions that helps the reader put concepts and context into practical application and use. Repetition is key to learning. Liz works through all 78 cards in the deck in this same, structured format in the same meticulous detail…no easy task. True to the title, “Going Beyond the Little White Book” is an excellent next step for the advanced beginner or early intermediate Tarot reader.

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