Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates


Q: Will I meet my romantic soulmate this summer?

A: Maybe – leaning yes

Now of course I’m going to remind you that there is a statistical coin flip chance this is absolutely dead wrong, so if BAE doesn’t show up by September 21, don’t complain to me because I swear all I’ll say is “I told you so”.

THAT being said, this is one of the most positive, yes-like of the metric kazillion soulmate questions I’ve gotten over the years. The only thing that could sabotage this is the SUMMER thing. I mean seriously, if you met your soulmate in December instead of August, would it really be all that bad? Why summer? Any time is a good time to fall in love, don’t you think? Putting a time limit on this will blow it to all to heck quicker than anything.

It is just like astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson always says “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to us”. It is under no obligation to read a calendar either. If you get hung up on WHEN your soulmate comes into your life, you might miss out on doing the things you need to do for your paths to cross at all.

The aces of cups and wands are about creativity and inspiration and a general joy of living. The two of cups is THE soulmate card. Of all the cards, this is the one most associated with love, marriage, and a committed lifemate relationship.

The tricky bit is what folks call the spiritual law of similars or “like attracts like”. When we say spiritual law, it’s more like a law of physics, not the local speed limit. Gravity makes planets orbit the sun and the law of similars means birds of a feather will flock together. It just works that way. But it also begs the question: What kind of person do you want in your life? What kind of person do you want your soulmate to be?

Do you want someone in your life that is worried, lonely, worried about being lonely and laser focused on finding a soulmate instead of focused on you? Or do you want to be in a relationship with someone who is happy and making the most of life even without a “soulmate?”

If you tie your energy and mind to the idea of finding your “soulmate” then you will be tied to what you don’t yet have. You’ll tie your energy to lack and want and loneliness. If you tie your energy to living life fully as it is even without a soulmate, then you tie your energy to LOVE,  to something you have right here, right now, and in great abundance. Do you want to have a soulmate who is anchored down by want and worry? Or do you want a happy loving kind of soulmate? Love and live your current life to the fullest, and you will suddenly be the kind of person that your soulmate can’t wait to be around.

Good luck and best wishes!

Zombie Cat