Zombie Cat’s New Lair

The Free Zombie Cat special offer ended Friday night. Thank you to all who participated!

“Zombie Cat” yes/no readings are available in the Etsy shop anytime you want one. All of my e-mail readings are now over at www.quirkandflotsam.com for convenient, one-transaction, secure online ordering.

Working with the yes/no format lately has me thinking about predictions again…..


Hi Humanz.

Zombie Cat here. The nice lady who usually writes this has been beating around the bush long enough. Here’s the deal people.

Any prediction on the face of the Earth has around a 50% chance of being wrong, dead wrong, mine included, I don’t care how “accurate” psychics say they are. Blah blah blah. But we we don’t blame you. We get it. We get it why people want to know stuff like that. Soft touch over there feels for you. BUT if all you want is a prediction, you are not going to be happy with either of us. At least she tries to be break the news to you gently. But the reality is, if you want fuzzy feel goods and someone to blow rainbow unicorn dust all over your problems, you are in the wrong place. If you want honest and authentic, this is the place. If you want the hard truth with a spoon full of sugar, talk to soft touch (she just left for a cup of coffee) but if you want a reading with a blunt edge – step into my office.

Let’s face facts – a prediction that tells you what you want to hear is comforting, but one that tells you that thing you are most afraid of is on its way can put you straight into a pretty bad head space. A prediction that guides you down your highest and best path is ultimately good, but a prediction that pushes you down a dark path of mistakes  and hard learning is just plain mean. It seems kind of cruel to take a chance of pushing you in that direction. We zombies aren’t intentionally mean, just kinda hangry – but that’s another story.

The whole POINT of Tarot is to help YOU figure stuff out. NOT tell you exactly what’s going to happen. Tarot helps you DEAL with life (get it….deal….cards….ah, never mind). Long story short, it’s about figuring your s**t out and getting it together so you can get on with life. It is like the GPS in your phone. It tells you a couple of different ways to get where you want to go…but it is still up to you to get in the car and drive.

If you get a yes/no reading and the answer doesn’t come true, you can’t say you weren’t warned. Don’t come crying to us. Especially since the new format is going to going to give you ideas to help, whether the answer/prediction turns out to be right or wrong.

Here is how it works:

You ask as a yes or no question.

After shuffling the cards, I’ll deal into three piles, stopping each stack at a predetermined number, or an ace, whichever comes first.

Zero aces = no, but easy to change

One ace = probably not

two aces = probably yes

three aces – yes, but could easily change

The card on stack 1 symbolizes advice if the answer proves accurate

The card on stack 2 symbolizes advice if the answer proves wrong

The card on stack 3 is the advice you really need to think about right now instead worrying about the outcome.

Covers all the possibilities. Because anything is possible – even a zombie cat.

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