Tarotbytes: The Art of As-Is

Being true to your nature doesn’t mean giving in to every Id riddled impulse and whim. It is about appreciating what is, as-is, using what is at hand and seeing the result as beautiful, even if flawed….even if the flaws are yours.

Kintsugi is a Japanese artform that repairs broken pottery with gold or meetallic colored laquer. Instead of trying to hide the fact the piece had been broken and restore the cup or bowl to its original state as much as possible, Kintsugi emphasized the brokeness, using the random irregular shapes of the pottery pieces as they are glued back together to make and entirely new kind of beauty.

Few sticks are stick-straight. Nature has its own gnarls, cracks, grime and disorder. Beauty lives there more often than in the perfect unbroken world of our projections and expectations.

The Empress invites us to live in that genuine true to our nature kind of beauty.