Tarotbytes: A Bittersweet Freedom



“Moving on with life” is a hard-won victory, always easier said than done.

This card is the antidote to the Hanged Man card, and the next step in some well known proverbs. We are told that the swallows of sorrow fly over everyone’s head, but not to let them build a nest in our hair. We are told when we fall seven times to get up eight. Again, easier said than done.

It is heartwarming when we feel … or even see someone else feel…liberated, euphoric, vindicated, and freed by releasing the past. It would be nice if it always felt like a scene from the movie “Braveheart” where gallop away from our hurts and hangups yelling FREEDOM! at the top of our lungs. More often we limp away from emotional pain leaving trailing wisps of melancholy as we go.

The simple reason for that is nothing is just one thing. Nothing is all good or all bad, all black or all white. Moving on might mean leaving a little good behind or bringing some residue with you. Moving on with life sometimes requires small dues to be paid for the greater gains. Some hairs get pulled out when you brush the swallow’s nests away or when you get up that eighth time, some scrapes and bruises come too.

As painful or bittersweet as it may be, the 8 of cups reminds us that moving on is still the better thing. That which changes and moves is alive. That which is dead does not. Moving on at least gives hope of moving toward something better. Moving on the hairs grow back and the bruises heal. Moving on ends stagnation and sets us free, even if that freedom tastes just a little bittersweet.